Deep Evil, but there is hope.


(Angels Intervening)

And for those who believe in Angels, a view of today’s fascism that makes it a bit less scary and more do-able to Stop.

When I was about 12 years old I was walking with my dog where I shouldn't have been along a spillway of a large reservoir. The dog didn't understand a spillway at all and ended up slipping into the dam. It seemed that there was no way to get her out and that she would drown when exhausted. However a big inner voice said “Call her to swim to the other end.” and I did, and she responded. There was a spot there where she could easily get out and was saved. That voice I have come to believe was that of an Angel. I have memory of similar experiences in crisis moments ever since, such as about to walk on a snake or the breaks in the car suddenly failing. Even hardened atheists will pray for help in such moments. They must sense that it is possibly there.

This occasional awareness of and assistance from Angels became something else in 2004, a far greater intervention in my life. It was a life under constant covert attacks - biologicals, chemicals, drugs, EM beams etc etc. I was doing my best to cope and make a contribution to society where possible. It was a half life at best though and when I started attempting to make people aware of MKUltra style attacks and experiments still happening, by writing letters to editors and the entire Australian parliament House of Representatives even, the covert attacks became far more intense. It was at that point, when all seemed pointless and hopeless, just coping with one assault after another, that the Angels took over my life. They gave me clear continuous guidance on how I could counter all that and transform my life within the requirements of my karma. So, it became things like - "look at your caravans breaks" and there I found a piece of hardened steel set to cause an accident, or "clear the air in your van before going in", or "build this shielding helmet to save your brain whilst under EM assaults", and about a thousand other similar instructions. The assailants became more and more determined to break my newly established protection, it was more than a full-time job, up all night many times, but life did eventually improve.

I was not ‘saved’ though and over a decade on am still not. However, I am more effectively working on what I have to do to help with the understanding of fascism and how to counter it. And, I am still here, and many of them aren't - they might acknowledge. You of course should be skeptical - I may have been taken over by ETs, the spooks, or my own imagination. However, I think I can discern who is who in all of this. To me the question is more ‘who are you?’ ‘What are you able to do?’. You may not have the terrible karma that I have, which I believe to be due to many incarnations in which I have assisted fascism one way or another. I may be able to help get the who is who clearer, but beyond that I haven't even the power to get off the dole yet, I am blocked in every attempt one way or another.

What I can do to help is share some basic guidelines for improving your protection from the Angels, in whatever aspect of your life, but especially in relation to the dangerous work of countering covert fascism and covert methods generally.

Obviously my protection from the fascists is not absolute, but I am able to function in ways I was not previous to the Angels Intervention in my life. My understanding is that They have varying degrees of protection for each of us depending on past life karma, behavior in this life and other factors. It is complex, but as far as I understand it, a person’s protection is stronger if they give priority to:

- treating domesticated and wild animals with care.

- caring about their impacts on the environment and ecosystems.

- looking after their health and well-being to the best of their ability.

- contributing to the local community, nation, humanity and planet.

- looking after the people in their lives, especially children and the elderly.

- doing everything they can to protect themselves.

- working towards fulfilling their life’s purposes.

So, if you are good on all those fronts you will be in a far better position to work out how you can safely make a contribution to stopping covert methods. If not you should be worried, especially if you are doing nothing to help in these troubled times. Your protection could be Zero, or worse; meet the Grim Reaper.

Some other things which I have learnt the hard way - move as slowly as possible in potentially dangerous situations, be open to Angel's Guidance and alert to fake angels, generally forget having fun - essential activities first, don't take on anything you can't complete, and enjoy being part of the Angel's Intervention to save the human race and the environment of this planet.


Another thing that the Angels say to do for Protection is visualize white light around yourself and those you love, only. Put a circle of light 8ft from the body and as much as 10ft thick and in a column or cone, or whatever you choose. Don't put light within that space as that does something else.

Don't put light around your enemies or those you seek to influence as many suggest to. That is bad guidance as it gives them inappropriate energy that could even be used against you.


As well as being instructed in these techniques, which I have found to be effective, I have been given information about the covert methods being used on TIs and others. This information is given here as the Angel's Assertions. Please do not regard them as Truth, but rather as an hypothesis to be tested.

Assertion 1.

The primary source of these covert control methods
is ETs working out how to control all of humanity.

Assertion 2.

The Angels are working on getting the ETs to leave. They can and will do this if humans assist Them.

Assertion 3.

ETs have created thousands of problems for humans and animals. For humanity some of the most urgent to deal with are:

- covert methods off.
- all forms of nuclear power ceased.
- Morgellons Syndrome/nano tech ruining many lives off.
- ceasing degradation of our environment.
- entirely stopping child abuse of all kinds.

There are two other assertions to come.

Update : For a long time I thought that Angels communicating with me was some sort of emergency measure necessitated by the deep and complicated karmic mess that I find my self in. However, they have communicated to me that whilst that is true, it is not that uncommon. They talk to most children until the age of around 14 & 1/2 and will gladly communicate with adults if They like the way that a person is behaving. If you are interested start with the minor details of health, diet, cleanliness, safety and bringing up children.

In bringing you these Assertions I am acting as a channel, hopefully a clear one. This information results from invited communion with Angels during long periods of almost solitary confinement imposed on me by covert assailants. It is not that I am physically forced to live and work alone, but in 2008 that had just become the only feasible option. It seems that most of us innocent TIs become very solitary. Relationships of all kinds become difficult and even impossible for some. Madness can result of course. For me that takes the form of Angel's Assertions. Here is the next one. There will be ten more.

Assertion 4.

There are many ways to keep public order. One of those is covert assaults and other new-fangled weaponry. Covert is the worst by far. It spreads fear, suspicion paranoia and insanity. If a person is covertly attacked, they can easily get who did it wrong, and strike back at the wrong person, or people, or if getting the target right accidentally hit the wrong people and, because it is covert and no consequences pending, not care about that.

I have had to think long and hard about these Angel's Assertions and have looked for evidence of their truth - from my own experiences, that of others and in the historical record.

When I am experiencing some form of covert assault, or a threat of that, I try and get a sense of who is behind it. Sometimes I sense the people actively doing something and other times, mostly when I am putting light around myself, others, or some equipment or space, I will sense those who are planning an attack. Other times I will get Guidance about those assailants which I can then check out, tuning into their presence. My sense of these evil people varies a lot; some are young and uncertain that they want to be doing it, others are just doing a job, others obsessively doing a job with great glee - something way better than frantic computer games- and others who have a more desperate psychopathic need to be attempting an assault, or worse. But on a few occasions there has been something quite different there - beings that are not at all human. One very clear one was a bloke on a motor bike who went past my home at high speed. I had received Guidance that a threat was approaching. I didn't see him do anything to me, but I had a strong sense of him as something like a swarm of bees, a consciousness very different. That is all very subjective and may or may not be accurate. I usually have no way of testing these perceptions. Many readers of this would be skeptical, just as many people are of the accounts of those who claim ET abductions and other contacts and events involving ETs.

The other more reliable source of information on ET's involvement in today's covert targeting comes from WW2 Nazism, links to the MKUltra project, and today's disclosures about ET activities here. It is far from conclusive evidence but there are definite grounds for speculation that happen to coincide with my own experiences. It could also account for the wall of silence from governments about the ET presence here that so many now accept as being a reality. see: /ets-in-fascism.html

Assertion 5.

The consequences arising from covert control methods that Angels have seen many times on other planets are:

1. People kill their own children in the end because the kids get better at it than they are. This is mainly because the kids have more time to experiment, but also because of rebellion at what is done to them at school.

2. People kill themselves in order to escape more covert punishments.

3. Angels leave the planet which means beings in the physical get no support for vital services that They provide, such as keeping the air consistent and breathable and many other things needed for our survival.

4. We are not Their creation alone. Others have assisted through genetic engineering mostly. Life always needs the support of the Angels though. When covert goes berzerko those other beings who helped with our creation get upset also and come to fix us up, but can't. They then get annoyed and might even attempt to kill off the failed experiment, which might cause negative karma for them if allowed to continue.

5. Angels might also help kill us off to get rid of such destructive ways of doing things to others, which make Their many contributions to our lives meaningless. A person on a covert drug, or other drugs sometimes, cannot realize their potential at all. Those people might even do silly things that make their soul journey more trouble for them. Covert drugs are the worst of all drugs because there is no participation of the subjects in the decision to go there and thus no chance to get it right for that person through inner guidance.

6. Evil people do things with those methods beyond what spooks cops and others are doing, which is at least sometimes calculated to have a precise impact. However, that tends to break down due to those government employees starting to gain a psychopathic enjoyment of such activities and they end up not caring much what they do covert wise. Others are worse though once they realize what can be done and will kill and maim in very random and senseless ways. This stage cannot be avoided and creates massive chaos and confusion.

Assertion 6. (the last)

The reason this is the last is that not many humans have what it takes to channel guidance. I don't have a clear enough soul to cope with the role other than what has been done thus far, in this little corner. I can hear the guidance clearly enough, but to become widely known as a channel person/personality does not fit with the needs of my soul journey. There is much need however for channels on many topics and in many forms, from direct communications from the Angels to more esoteric forms of expression through theater, art, music, film, speeches etc. don't think you will not be called to contribute.

Assertion 7.

One more assertion to complete the picture: What should replace covert control? What could humans do to avert the calamity required to get rid of the covert methods that are now controlling most of the planet? Be Warned! The calamity could destroy all civilizations. This planet is not going to permanent covert control or covert bezerko. The ethers of this place are too good from hundreds of civilizations to allow that. This situation is now way out of line. We have to get serious about doing something about this. That will be up to intelligence organizations mostly, but citizens should demand standards of behavior.

Assertion 8.

12 Reasons why governments should assist TIs.

1. One day they might, or more likely will, have to explain why they did not.

2. Their sons and daughters will increasingly realize their complicity and rebel more and more frequently, and forcefully, at that stage of life.

3. There are two TIs now having major impacts on humanity, soon there will be twelve. Governments should not interfere with them as long as they behave within the law. They have serious roles to play in today's dramas, even one sleeping under a bridge sometimes. They should not look down on TIs because they are poor or a bit crazy. It is not their doing. Very often government agents have contributed to their poverty.

Assertion 9.

5 Reasons governments should disclose something of what they know of the ET presence on Earth.

1. Some day they might, or more likely will, have to explain why they did not.

2. Their elders will feel more and more contrite as time goes by, causing a disjuncture at a high level.

3. Their children will take sides and fuel a massive conflict within.

4. The longer the time that governments, particularly the United States governments, delay disclosure of the ET presence, the deeper and more entangled becomes the ET infiltration of humanity. Four more years and humans will have to put up  with hostile races living here on earth, races who intend to eliminate humanity post haste. They won't be able to, but it will be messy.

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