Deep Evil, but there is hope.


I won't go into all the details of my life as a TI since at least 1967. There are many books, websites and documentaries already on the covert targeting of innocent citizens. I'll just give you a taste of my experience of it in the hope of convincing you that it's not my imagination. To say much more gives the perpetrators the opportunity to ridicule and characterize the target as crazy, which is something they do whenever there seems an opportunity.
Home Office Prevented: Four times now I have set up a home office and it never lasts for more than a couple of months. The last time I had all new equipment and the latest regularly updated software -Norton Internet security, a Keylogger Detector and an Intrusion Detection System. The setup worked perfectly for a bit, but then hardware problems started happening and I now have four computers that won't even turn on. Once previously when that happened I took the computer to a technician and when he pressed the same ON button it started up normally and he checked it out thoroughly finding nothing wrong with it.  When I got it home it worked properly twice and then resumed not turning on. I now have 28 items of electronic equipment, all bought new, that are fully or partially disabled. The only item that consistently works is a SONY AM/FM receiver that has an EM attenuator built into it. 
Interference with use of the internet:  At libraries, at an employment agency and at cafes internet use is nearly always difficult. Web pages sometimes don't open, the connection often slows or freezes, saving on web forms often does not work, emails sometimes disappear, as do SMS text messages and also Australia Post items do too. That is until they put tracking on my mail - thanks to a better established service. Registering a business online proved impossible. I tried several times and the form process would never complete. When I kept persevering the computer crashed twice needing a reboot and then a third time it wouldn't reboot. An anti-keylogger program did provide some protection from most of the interference with use of the internet for around 6 weeks, but then it all resumed as before. Presumably the perps found a way around it. Another security procedure protecting online accounts 'two step verification of identity' proved to be faulty. The code sent by text to mobile often would not arrive or arrived after the time available for the online session had passed. And the other method of using a pre-supplied list of codes also failed. Some codes were found to not be effective, which seems to indicate that someone had obtained them somehow and used them or somehow made them ineffective. 
As a result of the above and more, just about all endeavors in this life have been severely restricted. For example - many years have been spent trying to get established as a professional cartoonist. So far that effort has just been a voluntary contribution, which is difficult to progress for many reasons, not just the inability to register the business on line, which was easy enough to give up on once I stopped being stubborn, and did it by mail. See some examples of my work:   
Whilst some of these sort of events occur to lots of people occasionally, a TI has this sort of thing happening much more often, and there are far more bizarre covert attacks to be coped with, and off and on all day and night for some.


This image 'The art of Democracy' is from a network of exhibitions and events that took place in the USA in 2008. These exhibitions "magnified the voices of artists at a critical time in American democracy. This site remains an archive of the organization of this nationwide action." See:       

This might seem that I am being targeted due to my political cartooning work, but no, all endeavors are being thwarted in this life, and as far as I can determine, from age 14 & 1/2, when I was not involved in politics. Fortunately, I now understand more about how to counter and minimize the impact of the ongoing assaults. Life continues to improve. 

One thing I have always tried to do is have as normal a life as possible whilst being subject to extraordinary covert assaults. It is all too easy to get caught up in the almost impossible campaign to expose this atrocity and obtain some justice. The result can be that we become annoying and also make very little other contribution to society.  This dose not provide much reason for people to want to assist us, which assistance is made even less likely due to the dangers of doing so. 

So, I make a contribution in whatever way I can and I think that I justify my existence. When unemployed I do work for the dole. Also, I contribute letters to editors and forums on the internet mostly on the subjects of housing, urban planning and covert control issues. I include a few of these contributions that still seem relevant and my detailed CV:


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