Deep Evil, but there is hope.

? Why innocent TIs ?

That is not an easy question to answer. Allen Barker, an academic TI, has attempted to, coming up with a long list of possible motives for use of covert methods, see:

These possible motives seem to be generally accepted as plausible. Many of them may be the reasons that people who publicly identify as innocent TIs have been targeted. TIs are usually: 
   - People who think they were not doing anything to justify the targeting.
   - People who claim they are monitored intensively 24/7 and so heavily attacked   that they are almost totally dis-empowered, impoverished, isolated, discredited and temporarily or permanently disabled.
   - People whose treatment could be described as remote harassment and light torture at best.
   - People who are assaulted mostly covertly by unknown technologies.  
   - People who are usually regarded by most as crazy if they describe what is happening to them. It is just too over the top to seem believable.
   - People who have a remote torturer/victim type relationship with the perpetrators.

The motives from Allen Barker's list that seem to be most likely the reasons for the targeting are:

   - Low-intensity warfare against the domestic population.
   - Ideas to mine/steal.
   - Statistical profiling of a population.
   - Entertainment freak show.
   - To infiltrate a group.
   - To predict and preempt actions.
   - To intimidate a population by making "examples" of people.
   - To perfect the technology and techniques and make it less detectable.
   - Various unwitting spy scenarios.
   - Human guinea pigs for medical or psychological research.
   - To maintain the ongoing mind control conspiracy.

Another possible motive for covert targeting of innocent TIs and others could be to attempt to create disharmony, chaos, fear and hatred and then use that to justify a fascist intervention to restore order.

Whatever,  some of the TIs in this program do engage in political activity to expose this almost invisible atrocity, however that would seem to nearly always be as a response to being so unjustifiably and intensively targeted, and not the cause of the targeting as some attempt to assert. The political activity of TIs is not so much a choice as a desperate attempt to be heard and understood , and to get some justice in a situation where there are very few options available to get free of this invisible imprisonment. Stopping complaining does not help! Complaining too much, or too effectively, can make it worse however. 

In time we will be able to get more clarity on what the perpetrators get from this TI program. It seems though that things are not going entirely to plan as:

- It is not supposed to be obvious and if there is any evidence, culpability deniable. Yet, TIs are getting some evidence of covert targeting technologies e.g. of brain implants. And we are learning how better to communicate our story. 
- There are whistle-blowers backing us up, and often have a similar story.  
- And we are getting increasing awareness of our plight into the media, mostly in north America. 

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