Deep Evil, but there is hope.

the beginning?

of the end of covert control hopefully.

It would seem obvious that MKUltra continues in new forms and is now accepted practice for many in security organizations, and perhaps in other organizations too. If you don't think so try it as an hypothesis that covert is the way many things get done now.

MKUltra type methods seem to make for easy, quick, almost invisible means to sort out problems, control situations and events etc. no having to worry about the law or the rule book, or being exposed.

So if MKUltra not only survived, but has advanced, expanded and proliferated in many directions since it's exposure in the 70's then it is likely to continue to do so if not countered; a heart attack here, someone with early dementia there, a group gets fake flue at an important moment, a politician a disease when ahead in the polls etc etc. It can all be explained away as bad luck or whatever else.
There could be very good reasons why not continue down this path - it is surely a path leading to the breakdown of western civilization, and if you can't see that maybe someone has dropped out a few of your neurotransmitters or seduced you with something, or someone, unbelievably enjoyable etc.
We already have many instances of citizens are taking up on covert methods e.g. date rape drugs, microwave ovens being turned into weapons by kids even, people using micro cameras to spy on each other, or hiring private detectives to investigate the spouse, workmates or offspring etc, etc.
The involvement of fascists in all this, especially through MKUltra, gives the whole picture a far more ugly/scary side. What are they up to? Creating chaos so as to then be able to usher in their totalitarian solution for the whole planet? Who really ends up in charge? Is covert fascism, hidden within our governments, not officially sanctioned, but such a powerful force that governments don't want to challenge or expose them? And perhaps there is also a reluctance by our spooks to do what should be done to deal with fascism within because many of them now also use covert methods in order to get the job done, whilst not necessarily ideologically or otherwise wanting to be supportive of a fascist coup attempt. Hopefully they will be able to, and willing to, think again because there is a big difference between bending, breaking, or replacing the rules in frustration at unrealistic and impractical restrictions, and/or having a few scams on the side, and on the other hand supporting the covert cancer that continues to erode the 'good life' of western democracy and the future of humanity.
That is many more questions than answers I know, and about a world I know little about, but I can tell when I am on the receiving end of assaults not consistent with well established democratic practices, and coming from that spooky world. Let's find a way to end this slide into chaos leading to a totalitarian dictatorship we may never be able to get rid of.
So what can be done? A few ideas:

- Investigate all mysterious events thoroughly  and include any possible, plausible theories, conspiracy or otherwise. Too often people just accept the easiest, most comfortable and convenient explanation e.g  invasion of IRAQ, people with bad breath are unhealthy, some people have lots of bad luck with equipment and vehicles, rumors and media innuendos are true, people who think they are targeted are crazy, etc.


- Whenever there are 'advances' in science we should always consider how evil people might exploit them to create new diabolical weapons.


- Further the development of new more exhaustive health diagnostic testing in all healing modalities.


- Support efforts to make all digital communications hacker proof.


- Support efforts to re-open the MKUltra hearing, or similar investigation, and find ways to help us stop the covert targeting. 

That is just a few things that come to mind from my limited experience. If you care about this looming catastrophe you will no doubt be able to come up with other anti-fascist, pro-democracy things to do.

Is it the beginning of the end of covert fascism, or the beginning of the end of democracy? 

Which side are you on? 

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